The early years are so important in laying a foundation for the rest of their lives. HPA is a well-rounded center where all aspects of a child’s needs are met.


Physically – We do all we can to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable. We have different areas of play so that large and small motor skills are developed.


Mentally – We not only teach academics, but we also teach life-long skills. We prepare all children for success in school.


Emotionally – We help children learn about their feelings and how to express them in positive ways. We give amble encouragement to build their self-esteem. Hugs are free!


Socially – We provide dress up and role playing materials, encourage imagination and foster development of language skills. Children will participate in free play that covers all subject areas, strengthens communication and develops team skills.


Spiritually – We teach the children that they are special little people with purpose for their lives.


We know how hard it is to find childcare you can really trust, and a preschool that meets your expectations. That’s why we’re here! At His Precious Angels, we create an environment where children are safe, nurtured, loved and encouraged to learn. Founded in 2004, we have been offering high quality care to every child that has walked through our doors for over 10 years.