Our Story 

Our story began years ago when my granddaughter, Samantha, was four years old. I used to call Samantha my precious angel. I have fond memories of when I would pick her up at her daycare and she would ask me to push her on the swing. The other children would ask me to push them as well. I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to have a career caring for children.


I raised five children that were within eight years of each other and now I am the proud grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren. In my opinion, it takes a special type of personality to connect with young children on their level and to establish a loving rapport with them. My passion for helping children and their parents has only flourished since opening His Precious Angels (Samantha had a big part in naming our center).


Founded in 2004, His Precious Angels was established to provide a safe, nurturing and educational childcare facility for the Westmoreland County community. Within four years of first opening HPA in my home, we outgrew our space. We moved to a church in Harrison City for the next three years and quickly outgrew that space as well. After the church we rented a building on Route 30 for 5 years. On April 29,2016 the Lord blessed us with the purchase of a Victorian home at 1001 Pennsylvania Ave, Irwin Pa.


When I initially set out on this journey, I can honestly say that I never planned on being more than a family home daycare. But God had other plans for me. There was and is a need for quality childcare and I so want to be able to help more families. Even though we have grown immensely over the years, one thing that has remained constant is the center feels like family. Because we are small we can offer more individualized care to the children. It is my utmost desire to know each of our children and their families personally.


God has blessed us with families who have started with us as babies. We have watched them grow and flourish as they go off to school. This is one of the most rewarding work than anyone can do.


I asked God what He wanted me to do with the rest of my life and he has led me on this path. I have never looked back. In my opinion there is no greater reward than to affect and effect the lives of children in a positive way.


Our family business has grown to include a wonderful staff who also have a love for children. I welcome you to visit us and see for yourself how happy our children our as they continue to learn, grow and flourish.