Toddler Painting Fun

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Toddlers love getting creative – and messy! Explore your toddler’s scribbling abilities with these simple and colorful crafts that hone your child’s fine-motor skills. Plus, displaying the completed creations around your home will boost your little one’s self-esteem. Let small hands take the lead with these fun toddler painting ideas which are easy to clean up, and fun for the whole family!

Art isn’t just a mess. Painting is sensory play! It teaches fine motor skills too. Are you worried that your baby is too young and might eat the paint? Make some edible paint for babies.

  1. Sparkle Finger Painting: Squish and swirl finger paint and glitter together to create twinkling artwork.

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Sparkle Finger Paint | His Precious Angels


2.  Cling Wrap Painting: This fun and easy painting craft is perfect for your little one and they’ll love squishing the cling wrap between their little fingers.

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Cling Wrap Painting | His Precious Angels


3. Splatter Painting & Tape Resist: Urge your little ones to flick, pour, drip and splatter in this fun and creative painting activity.

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Splatter Paint | His Precious Angels


What are some of your favorite painting activities you like to do with your precious angels? Let us know in the comments below.

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