Preschooler President’s Day Activities

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Preschoolers and toddlers aren’t too young to celebrate President’s Day! We found some cute activities for President’s Day that are perfect for preschoolers. Show your child how to celebrate the holiday creatively!

  1. President’s Day Cookies: Of course, you can’t celebrate President’s Day without mentioning our founding father. Check out these cute George Washington and Abraham Lincoln cookies! This is the perfect edible craft for you and your precious angel to enjoy making together!

See the President’s Day Cookies Recipe

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 2.50.28 PM


2.  A President’s Hat: This is a fun and inexpensive President’s Day craft to make at school or at home. It’s also a perfect craft for kids to make while they learn about President Abraham Lincoln.

See the President’s Hat How-To

Abraham Lincoln | His Precious Angels


3.  Powdered Wig: With President’s Day just around the corner this Powdered Wig craft is perfect for the holiday!

See the Powdered Wig How-To

Powdered Wig | His Precious Angels


4. President’s Day Finger Puppets: These finger puppets of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are silly and fun! The BEST part is that is that the faces are a penny for Abraham Lincoln and a quarter for George Washington.

See the President’s Day Finger Puppets How-To

President's Day Finger Puppets | His Precious Angels


5.  Cherry Tree: According to the legend of George Washington and the cherry tree, young Washington could not tell a lie. While the story was most likely fabricated, it is a popular way to teach about the first president to your little ones.

See the Cherry Tree How-To

Cherry Tree | His Precious Angels

Do you have a fun activity or craft that you like to do with your little one in celebration of President’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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