Toddler Valentines

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We’ve had so much fun with our crafts, projects, and sensory plays at His Precious Angels this year – I love that Valentine’s Day brings such a bright pop of pink and other vibrant colors to an otherwise dreary winter! So break out the construction paper, glitter, paint, and glue, and get creative with these seven Valentine’s Day crafts for tots.

  1. Creative Hearts: Work with what you’ve got! Paint and an empty roll of toilet paper are all you need for some stamping’ fun with your little one. When they’re all done, they’ll have beautiful heart-stamped cards like these from Creative Family Fun.

Heart Stamps | His Precious Angels

2.  Glitter Hearts: For a Valentine’s craft that doubles as a decoration, make some simple heart shapes out of bubble wrap for another fun printmaking project from Mess for Less to hang around the house.

Simple Hearts | His Precious Angels

3.  Sensory Hearts: Let your little one glue all sorts of items with fun textures onto hearts. You’ll end up with these fun touchy-feely sensory hearts from NurtureStore.

Sensory Heart | His Precious Angels

4.  Stamped Hearts: Stamp it up! Did you notice that a cut piece of celery looks like a heart? Little hands can easily stamp with a celery stalk to make these pretty celery heart stamped Valentines from How Wee Learn. Your kiddo can create art for the refrigerator or some valentines for a few special friends!

Stamped Hearts | His Precious Angels


5.  Scratched Hearts: Spread the love to every room in your home! Let your toddler get a bit messy and have a lot of fun painting with this tape resist Valentine art project from Hands On: As We Grow.

Scratched Hearts | His Precious Angels

6.  Paper Hearts: Sometimes simple is best and these paper strip Valentines from Housing a Forest are beautiful and fun to make.

Paper Hearts | His Precious Angels

7.  Tissue Paper Hearts: Shower them with love! Let you toddler make a fun Valentine’s decoration that they’ll be proud to see hanging on the wall. These tissue paper Valentine’s wreaths from Happy Hooligans are a perfect choice.

Tissue Paper Hearts | His Precious Angels

Which Valentine’s craft are you going to make with your toddler this year?

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