Let it Snow! Toddler Snow Play

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Snow Days! Break out your mittens, boots, and hats for a day of winter wonderland fun! Playing for the first time in snow can be an amazing sensory activity for your little one. From snow angels and snowmen to creating the perfect snow ball, winter is a wonderful time to bond with your family.

Here are some more fun ways to play with your little one in the snow!

  1. For the Birds: Hallow out an orange and fill it with birdseed to feed your feathered friends. Your little one will love to watch the birds flit and fly around them.


2.  Ice Ice Baby: When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, blow bubbles and watch them freeze before your eyes.

Ice Bubble | His Precious Angels


3.  Snow Graffiti: Give kids spray bottles full of water that’s tinted with food coloring to decorate the white canvas in your backyard.

Snow Paint | His Precious Angels



4.  Walk this Way: Have your kids follow your lead as you move like different animals: Waddle like a penguin, stomp like a bear, and wiggle like a fish.



5. Play Freeze Tag: Can you think of a more appropriate game for a chilly day? Once someone’s tagged by the person who’s “It,” he has to stay frozen until another player tags him again.

Freeze Tag | His Precious Angels


Do you have other ideas for playing in the snow with your children? Comment below and let us know!

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