6 Holiday Crafts for Toddlers

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Let’s get crafty for the holidays … toddler style! Encourage creativity, keep little hands busy, make a mess, and enjoy your toddler while celebrating the holidays, all while making fun crafts.

Holiday crafts, in addition to being a boredom buster, make great family gifts. So let’s clear off the table, pull out the art supplies, and get messy with these 6 Holiday crafts for toddlers. Your little ones may need a little help so stick by their side for some craft bonding.

  1. Popcorn Garland: A snack that you can decorate with.

Popcorn Garland | His Precious Angels


2.  Wrapping Paper Trees: Let your toddler help you choose the embellishments for this DIY.

Get this Tutorial from Lilyshop

Wrapping Paper Trees | His Precious Angels


3.  Puffy Snowflakes: Kids will love using a flour mixture in a dish soap bottle to paint fun snowflake designs. Make them puffy by heating them in the microwave!

Get this Tutorial from Inner Child Fun

Puffy Snowflakes | His Precious Angels


4.  Footprint Reindeer: Make a reindeer out of your toddler’s footprint for a festive craft.

Get this Tutorial from Preschool Crafts for Kids

Reindeer Footprint | His Precious Angels


5.  Thumbprint Reindeer: How adorable is this thumbprint reindeer ornament?

Get this Tutorial from Little Bit Funky

Reindeer Thumbprint | His Precious Angels


6.  Mistletoe Footprints: Another footprint craft that is also a cute way to preserve your toddler’s footprints.

Get this Tutorial from Pinkie for Pink

Mistletoes | His Precious Angels


What are some of your favorite crafts to do during the holidays with your little one? Share in the comments below.

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